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Alexis Pearl

Alexis Simoneau (b.1992, Montreal) is an artist based in Vancouver, Canada, who specializes in oil paintings inspired by virtual experiences. She has a background in graphic design, which informs her process through the use of digital prototypes instead of preliminary sketches. Using a methodical, processed-based approach to painting, Alexis draws attention to the increasing blurring lines between physical and virtual representation. 


Through the use of familiar subjects and symbols combined with graphic mark-making techniques, the work strives to decontextualize that which it represents; creating a visual archive of sourceless online imagery. All of her work is characterized by extremely vivid colour, which mimics the hues displayed on illuminated screens. Alexis is interested in pushing the physical boundaries of the painting medium and finding new ways to merge digital and analog practices.

Her work is held in private collections in Montreal, Vancouver, and Washington DC. She has exhibited in a number of group shows and most recently had a solo show at the Slice of Life gallery in Vancouver, BC.

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